July, 2017

01Julallday09alldayHooked on LifejacketsCanadian Safe Boating Council (All Day) Wherever you are!

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July 1st – 9th, 2017 is National Fishing Week in Canada. The purpose of this week is to encourage Canadians to get out and enjoy wetting a line in one of Canada’s million lakes, rivers and streams. To encourage participation, there is no requirement for a fishing license for the two weekends bookending the week.

Independent of the week, fishing is one of Canada’s favourite pastimes for the whole family. Over 50% of every boat sold has identified fishing as the main purpose for the boat.

With this popularity, it only stands to reason that boating-related fatalities among recreational anglers constitute a significant portion of the average 130 drownings recorded each year.

The Canadian Safe Boating Council would like to remind boaters that lifejackets are like their lucky fishing hat; they only work when they’re worn.  Get your whole family “Hooked on Lifejackets”.


July 1 (Saturday) - 9 (Sunday)


Wherever you are!

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